Keg Leasing

KEG MANAGEMENT presents a different way to get kegs by offering leasing options. This Quebec company offers to their customers the opportunity to grow efficiently without spending big amounts of money when purchasing kegs. This simple and efficient way to do business is quickly becoming a new trend.

Keg Track

This program allows microbreweries to track their barrels with our app.


1 to 5 years flexible program with the lowest price in Canada.


A program that get you the minimum cost, starting at $0.05 per day.

For sale

Buy premium kegs from Keg Management.

asked questions

Keg Management’s mission is to offer top quality kegs at the best possible price. All European kegs.

Yes, but for safety reasons we do not recommend stacking more than 3 high.

We do business with a range of clients, from early stage nano breweries to 10,000HL breweries in operation for 20 years.

It is possible to add kegs at any time.

Beer, cider, wine, kombucha, cold coffee, soft drink. For the KegFlex program, only beer is allowed. No wild yeast.

It is possible to track your kegs using our Keg Track program.

Need to lease a keg?

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